THE 32/05 TEAM
25 people worldwide make products for 100 million users. Over the past 7 years, the team has made 6 programs and applications for working with video, 4 of which led to a sustained advantage.

100+ million users worldwide
We focus on the US, Canadian, UK and Australian markets, with many users from Southeast Asia and India. We plan to expand into China.
We work fast
Delivering micro-releases. During a week-long stint, each developer delivers between 1 and 2 releases, with the team managing to test between 7 and 10 product hypotheses. After a couple of days, we get the results of the changes and draw conclusions.
Even faster
We optimize processes within the team, offer feedback and look for hacks and techniques. Every few months we rearrange the work and become even faster.
We use /
Languages and stack /
And we do not
use e‑mail
* PHP on steroids
Without bureaucracy and bosses
We work in a horizontal structure without department heads and external controllers. The quality of work is controlled by the employee who accepts the result. Any team member can take responsibility and suggest an experiment. The only condition is that the effect of the experiment must be measurable.
Measure everything
We work with a client base of more than 100 million. Therefore, the effect of even minor changes in a product is measured by millions of users. No hypothesis is left without conclusions.
We work with uncertain tasks and in the process of solving them, we acquire new knowledge and skills.

We are not afraid to make mistakes - we are afraid not to draw conclusions. When we remember where we were half a year or a year ago, we are amazed.
Contact us
+7 911 098-9079
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Sredniy ave. V.O., d.85, letter U, suite 57-N, room 7
Saint Petersburg, 199406
Russian Federation
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